Burn It With Fire

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Burn It With Fire

Post  Lottie Kelly on Sun Jul 01, 2018 6:22 pm


The scene opens to a lay-by near the outskirts of Watford at the dead of night. Only one car is currently stopped at the lay-by, with the occupant, a faintly illuminated man, currently looking at their smart phone to look for directions. Once he is happy with his directions, he switches his engine back on and begins driving again.

A few minutes later he stops outside a cottage, pulling a package out of the glove compartment before he approaches the door of the cottage, where no lights are on at all, before he puts the package through the letterbox then returns to his car sharpish as a dim light flickers on inside the cottage upstairs.

Inside, a bedraggled Lottie Kelly, dressed in a nightshirt and fluffy pink slippers, flicks a light on by the front door, awaken by the clanging of the letterbox at the dead of night. She sees the package by the floor and picks it up curiously.

Lottie Kelly: Now who the *censored* would think it’s fun to put packages through letterboxes at this time of the *censored* night?

A yawning Riley Oswald, dressed in checked pyjamas, slopes downstairs as well to investigate.

Riley Oswald: What’s that?

Lottie Kelly: Beats me. I guess we’re awake; shall we see?

Riley Oswald: I guess so. Midnight snack?

On the thought of food, Lottie’s stomach lets loose an audible rumble.

Lottie Kelly: Now you mention it...

Riley chuckles before he heads to the kitchen whilst Lottie flicks a light on in the living room to slump onto the sofa, resting the package on her lap after she crosses her legs.

Riley Oswald: on entering the room So? What is it?

He sits down next to Lottie and places the bowl of marshmallows in-between them.

Lottie Kelly: Let’s see together.

Lottie looks tentative as she opens the package up, where she finds a video tape and a letter on top. Immediately Riley looks skittish as he sees the tape.

Riley Oswald: I don’t like this one bit, Lots! I know the dealio; package gets delivered to a house at night, a video tape is inside and then some paranormal *censored* starts happening! Burn it with fire, now!

Lottie sighs.

Lottie Kelly: Maybe the letter will give us an explanation?

Riley shrugs his shoulders as Lottie slips a long fingernail under a corner of the envelope, opening it with ease before she pulls a piece of A5 lined paper out of the envelope. She then scans the letter before she looks unsurely at the tape.

Lottie Kelly: Hm...

Riley Oswald: Well?

Lottie Kelly: It says that the tape shows me information that it thinks I’d love to see.

Riley Oswald: I still don’t care. If we’re watching that tape we’re doing it in the morning not at stupid o’clock!

Lottie Kelly: For once, I agree.

Riley sighs.

Riley Oswald: What made me think of marshmallows for a snack?

Lottie Kelly: Because we left them out for the ice-cream sundae you guzzled earlier but you didn’t use them in the end?

Riley chuckles before the scene fades as Riley places a marshmallow into Lottie’s mouth.
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