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Post  Matt Riddle on Mon Jul 02, 2018 12:11 pm

The CarnageTron lights up and shows backstage, peering through the door to the locker room, which is open enough to see Matt Riddle pacing inside, wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt with his hair tied up. He can be heard muttering to himself quietly.

Matt Riddle: How could she... No... Can't let her...

He then notices the camera, and scowls, stepping out of the locker room. He takes a deep breath, and adopts a neutral expression, though he looks distracted.

Matt Riddle: Right, uh, you'll be wanting my comment on what happened last week... It was a fluke, obviously. It won't happen again. If we face each other again, I'll knock him out... The title shot is still mine, so I don't have to prove myself. Right, that's it, I need to prepare for tonight.

Cameraman: What were you talking about in the locker room?

Matt Riddle: None of your business, get out of here!

He pushes the camera back and steps back into the locker room, closing the door behind him.
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