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Be Prepared

Post  King on Wed Aug 01, 2018 7:24 pm

The camera switches to the backstage area, the camera following Alexander Svart and Alyssa Hendryl
Bex: Alex! Wait Alex!
Alexander Svart turns around.
Alexander Svart: What do you want Bex?
As she reaches them, Bex takes some seconds resting until she catches her breath.
Bex: I tried to find you before your match, but this works. How do you feel after your match? Is this the future tag team champions I'm looking at?
Let's take is slow Bex, your mind is rushing all over the place
What you are looking at is one of the best wrestlers this place has ever seen!
One of the smartest person to ever spill blood, sweat and tears in that ring
What you are looking at is the one and only Alyssa Hendryl
There is not a single thing this woman can not do. And that is why matches like these are blessings in disguise for me
To learn from the very best is something I am going to thrive from
Being by her side will have a positive effect on my career starting with our win today
Alexander Svart takes a look at Alyssa Hendryl and gives her a quick nod before turning back
Bex, you have the honor of seeing this revolution from the start
My road will have ups and downs
But as long as I have her and I learn from her
I will reach the top
We are going to be the be all end all around here
And it starts with the Purity Championship!
I got my eyes locked on that target and I will not sway from it
Be prepared

Alexander Svart and Alyssa Hendryl turns around and walks away

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