Back to Glory (Pre-Match) - Open to Bobby

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Back to Glory (Pre-Match) - Open to Bobby

Post  Logan Acid on Sat Aug 04, 2018 7:41 am

The TitanTron lights up showing Pure Excellence, still dressed in their red & white themed ring gear, backstage in their locker room with their manager Mick Malone. The audience boos as the 3 men appear on screen.

Logan Acid: “Can you guys believe that man is our commissioner? Not only does he not punish those 2 jokes running around with OUR titles, but he has the audacity to threaten Mick? The last time I checked, Mick, YOU were the one who was attacked! I can’t believe this is how things are run around here.. things would’ve been handled differently back at IWA.”

Mick Malone chuckles as he looks at Bobby then at Logan.

Mick Malone: “Calm down guys, I’m not worried about Harvey and I’m definitely not worried about those kids running around with your straps. I know my way around the ropes, I’ve had my fair share of wars in that squared circle, and I think it’s safe to say I’ve come out on top most of the time.”

Mick smirks as he holds up his hand and taps the Hall of Fame ring on his ring finger. Logan chuckles.

Logan Acid: “You’re right, Mick, you’re always right. Bobby, you and I should be laser focused on getting the gold back around our waists, and I say we start our path back to glory by making an example out of The Seventh Sanctum tonight. What do you think, Bobby?”

Logan smirks as he looks at Bobby.
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Re: Back to Glory (Pre-Match) - Open to Bobby

Post  Bobby Gruesome on Sun Aug 05, 2018 5:09 am

Bobby simply nods as he tapes up his wrists.

Bobby Gruesome: "Lets go break some ankles."
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