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Post  Mister N on Sat Aug 04, 2018 9:13 pm

Mister N: You all saw what happened earlier, right?

The crowd starts cheering as he smirks and looks at his briefcase for a moment. He then looks at the crowd and frowns

Mister N: I’m not gonna lie, once it came down to Python and me, I thought I was done for. I could almost see myself just wandering around for 4 seasons, going around in an endless limbo, and without a shot at a title...well, you get the idea.

N nods his head and smirks

Mister N: Things worked out, though. Clearly.

N raises his briefcase above him as the crowd cheers. He puts it down after a moment, with the crowd still cheering. They eventually quiet down, with Mister N raising the mic to his lips

Mister N: The briefcase gives me a guaranteed shot at either the Annihilation title, or the Bloodshed title. Naturally, I get to choose which one I want to go for.

N pauses, then shrugs

Mister N: Now, it’s not the world title shot. But this...this is almost as good. Maybe even just as good. I’ll explain.

N moves to another part of the ring near the stage, and sighs

Mister N: Let’s start with a little RISK recap. Obviously I won my match, but the bigger story at the time was King beating Rated RS for th-

He gets cut off by the crowd cheering loudly upon hearing the name of King. This goes on for some time, with N sighing almost as if he expected this to happen. He walks back to his original spot in the ring, smirking while he does it. Eventually the cheering dies down, with N raising his eyebrows. He then raises his mic and speaks.

Mister N: As I was saying, he defended his own world title, and in the process gained the Annihilation title. In other words, King is the Annihilation champion.

The cheering starts again, but N signals for it to die down quickly

Mister N: Ok, you can calm down now. The point I’m trying to make is...well let’s put it this way. I think I’m right in saying that King is one of the best wrestlers in the world, if not the best? That’s not too much of a stretch, is it? Think about it. He’s consistently breaking records, beating some of the most talented people on the CiR roster. And now he holds not one, but two of CiR’s top titles. And CiR, by itself as a’s the best in the world, bar none. Barely any competition.

N nods his head

Mister N: Yeah...King’s up there. And beating someone who’s on that level as a wrestler, that in itself holds substantial value. But beating King? Hell, even if it’s for the Purity title, it’s still beating King. Imagine it. Thousands upon thousands of people are watching, it’s one of the biggest wrestling events of the year...and you just beat the guy. Imagine how people will look at you after that, all the opportunities you’re gonna get, having your name cemented in wrestling history.

N smirks

Mister N: That...well, that might just be better than a world title. Of course, on the other side of the spectrum, we have Vahn

The crowd reacts negatively to this, with N shrugging

Mister N: Our problems go way back, but they’re not something I’m gonna get into. All you new people just need to know...well, he has my number. I haven’t been able to beat him, not yet, and yeah, that’s 100 percent due to the fact that he was a better wrestler than me. And trust me, not many people can say that. Despite this, I know for a goddamn fact that out of everybody in this company I am his toughest opponent. If I choose the Bloodshed route, I have another chance to give him hell. And if I can conquer him... I can finally, truly move forward and start conquering the wrestling world. In this case, going with Vahn might be more rewarding than the other option, and if it were any other situation...

N pauses

Mister N: You’d have seen me announce my pick right on this very show. The Bloodshed title, of course. But the way things are...I just can't immediately make my decision. This is gonna take some time, and we'll see where I go.

N shrugs, then pauses, lowering his mic, trying to think of something to say while the crowd cheers. Eventually, he looks up at the crowd with a bit of a grin on his face, then speaks

Mister N: And uh...some of you might have noticed that I’m more focused on the actual people than I am the titles. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful to be holding this briefcase right now, and I will take full advantage of the opportunity presented to me, but...

N moves towards the ropes, and prepares to exit the ring, but stops himself, and looks at the crowd

Mister N: In some cases it is more about the people. With King, I want to cement myself in wrestling history. With Vahn, I don’t just want to, I need to beat him.

N smirks yet again

Mister N: But as an aside? Yeah, I’ll take the titles too.

N throws the mic over his shoulders and proceeds to exit the ring with the crowd cheering his name loudly, his theme playing over the loudspeakers
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