Candice's New Perfume

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Candice's New Perfume

Post  Lottie Kelly on Sun Aug 05, 2018 1:45 pm

The camera pans about backstage, where various members of minor staff are milling about either doing their set work or checking their phones. Even in the interview area the current interviewer on duty per se, Candice Witt, is half-bored, checking her phone and giggles girlishly at a video she is watching. Her mood is soon perked up as she sees someone approaching, and grabs hold of her microphone by her side and slips her phone back into a pocket of her skinny-cut jeans. She motions for the camera to turn around, turning on her request and watches as a red jeans and Black Sabbath-adorned T-shirt wearing Lottie Kelly walks towards it and she soon stops dead, sniffing deeply.

Candice Witt: Hey Lottie! How are you feeling after…

She trails off as Lottie looks towards her and sniffs deeply again, a look of curiosity crossing her features.

Lottie Kelly: Hm… new perfume, Candice?

Candice Witt: New perfume? No, one I’ve used for years.

Lottie Kelly: No, seriously. I’m convinced you’re wearing a new perfume. You have to tell me what brand it is. Chanel? Dior?

Candice Witt: Did you not hear me?

Lottie Kelly: Oh, loud and clear…

She gets into Candice’s personal space and Candice reclines back a couple of paces skittishly, a look half-surprised, half-repulsed as Lottie takes another deep sniff, this time right in her direction.

Lottie Kelly: Yeah, you are wearing a new perfume…

Candice Witt: I’m not!

Lottie Kelly: Then what’s that smell around you, around me and around every single room I’ve visited today?

Candice Witt: We’ve got new catering, maybe the food’s stinking up the corridors?

Lottie Kelly: It’s not the catering, I’ve tried there already.

Candice Witt: I’m sure some of the men get really smelly after their matches, maybe it’s that?

Lottie Kelly: And I’d know the smell of body odour a mile away, so it’s not that.

Candice sighs as she tries to think of another reason but merely shrugs her shoulders.

Candice Witt: What’s the point of all this?

Lottie Kelly: What is the point of all this? I can’t be the only one who smells it, surely?

Candice Witt: Smells what?

Lottie cackles.

Lottie Kelly: Oh poor Candice, if only you knew…

Candice Witt: Knew what?

Lottie Kelly: Oh, a little something-something that, now I’ve lost my Double Down championship, I’m technically not allowed to talk about.

Candice Witt: So why…

She looks perplexed for a moment before taking a deep breath to compose herself.

Candice Witt: What’s with asking if I’m wearing a new perfume then?

Lottie Kelly: Oh, this place reeks of it, Candice, that smell you get when you just know what can happen but you’d just rather sit back and get used to the reek of hypocrisy around the place than seek retribution, than seek a chance at the Double Down championship again; I was suckered into it, sure, but I’m not angry. I’m not even surprised! Two things I’ve learned throughout my time in the ring, Candy...

Candice Witt: It’s Candice…

Lottie Kelly: Two things, Candy. Numero uno; never, ever trust anyone.

She raises her index finger and thumb of her left hand up and pulls her thumb back down with her right hand.

Lottie Kelly: And numero dos; you can get knocked down, but the climb back up is just as enjoyable.

Candice Witt: Who says you’ll climb back up?

Lottie merely smirks as she turns away.

Lottie Kelly: I do. And that’s all that matters. Now, if you don’t mind, I’ve got an Ellinor to go and soundly thrash as a way of making people realise that yes, Lottie Kelly no longer has the Double Down championship, but she’s still the most dangerous woman on the roster!

On that, she cackles again before she walks away and the camera fades to the next segment.
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