All's Fair in Fun & Leisure

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All's Fair in Fun & Leisure

Post  Matt Riddle on Mon Aug 06, 2018 7:26 pm

A gunshot echoes throughout the arena, and Matt Riddle appears on the CarnageTron wearing a black Punisher snapback and a dark blue "King of Bros" t-shirt. He has the Double Down Championship strapped diagonally across his chest and over one shoulder. He grins as the crowd start to boo, and he puts a finger to his lips to silence them, though it takes a little while for them to calm down. Once ready, he grins before speaking.

Matt Riddle: Now... You've all seen what your Double Down champ can do. You've all seen what myself and my new friends can do together. What you're about to see tonight, against Sammy... Poor Sammy... Is what I do for fun. This is entertainment for you, that's true... But it's also entertainment for me. I didn't come into this sport to win gold - though I'm perfectly capable, as you can see.

Matt twists the belt around so the main plate is showing, and he gives it an affectionate pat to illustrate his point.

Matt Riddle: But that's when I dial it up to 11, and I don't think I need to do that tonight. No, I'm going to have some fun, and you're going to watch your dominant Double Down Champion get his hand raised without breaking a sweat, bros.

He chuckles to himself, walking away from the camera as it fades to black.
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