I don't need no title

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I don't need no title

Post  Rated RS on Sun Aug 12, 2018 2:46 am

Camera Zooms in on the backstage area. Rated is standing there.
Rated: Hey Adam, I hear you loud and clear and honestly I don't even want to be in the Annihilation championship battle royal. You see Adam, the Annihilation championship was just a stepping stone for me. It was just something to get me to the top of the company and I failed. I need to reset and start over again. King knows i'm coming. Everyone thinks Jimmy James is waiting to cash in but has anyone really thought about how Rated is motivated to get back on top? Has anyone thought about how losing to King, only makes me want the top spot more. It only makes me want to chase that title more. The Annihilation title is not in the plans, heck it wasn't in the plans in the first place, it just ended up being mine.
Camera Fades
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