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Respect The Championship

Post  Jimmy James on Sun Aug 12, 2018 4:02 am

Commissioner Adam Harvey sits in his office behind his desk and has his focus on the camera placed horizontal to him. He smiles to the camera as he waits a few seconds before begins to speak.
Adam Harvey: "Hello there everyone watching on your television and live in the arena tonight. I hope you have enjoyed the show as far but I would like to take this time to address some things happening in a few weeks.
First off, we have the rematch for the Tag Team Championships between the defending champions The Life Partners and Pure Excellence in a few weeks at the season finale episode of Infamy. In preparing for this matchup, I've scheduled TLP to face Alexander Svart and Alyssa Hendryl this Wednesday on Infamy. For Pure Excellence in two weeks on Bloodshed, they will compete in tag team action against Sammy and Repo's selected team of Wabbit World Order. I would have gone with a different choice, but they persisted that wWo face Logan and Bobby."

He chuckles to himself before continuing.
Adam Harvey: "To tag on with that big title match on Infamy, I want an even bigger title match for Bloodshed. So I've talked to the CiR World Heavyweight and Annihilation Champion King and I think have found a solution:
King has always been open to challenge anyone on the roster so I've decided that in three weeks on Bloodshed, King will defend the Annihilation Championship against not one, not two, not three, but five different opponents!
All five of these wrestlers deserve a chance at this championship at this title so I'm going to give them just that."

Adam looks down at the list that is printed on the piece of paper on his desk.
Adam Harvey: "Those five are: Ryan Magnus, Jeremy Rock, Henri Black, Prayme Rosario, and General Freedom. These five and King will compete in an Over the Top Battle Royal where the man who is last standing in the ring will be crowned the CiR Annihilation Champion!
Now I know a lot of you are wondering why I didn't mention Rated RS in the list of participants in the match. Honestly, Rated RS doesn't have enough respect for the championship that that title deserves, so because of that he won't be added to the championship match. Once he able to find some respect, maybe then he can get another chance at it. I'm not going to allow him to desrespect that championship anymore."

He takes a deep breath and cups his hands together on top of the desk. He looks away from the camera for a second, before looking back over to it.
Adam Harvey: "The Annihilation Championship is not a stepping stone, it is a prized title in this company that many legends, Hall of Famers, and future Hall of Famers have held. I'm sure that these five and King will give it their all for this championship because that is what this title deserves.
Thank you all and enjoy the rest of the show."

Adam leans back in his chair and the screen fades to black.
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