The Dual Champion

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The Dual Champion

Post  King on Sun Aug 12, 2018 7:16 pm

The crowd is waiting for the show to start as the arena slowly turns silent. Suddenly, the war sirens are heard all over the arena as "Indestructible" by Disturbed plays through the speakers. The crowd erupts in cheers, waiting for the Carnage in Ring World Heavyweight Champion to appear. When the crowd calms down, King suddenly runs out on the ramp which gets the crowd to once again start cheering, even louder this time. King, wearing a black leather jacket and a Golden Crown on his head with "CiR" engraved. King stands on the top of the ramp, soaking in the moment as the crowd cheers him on. In his hand, King is holding the Carnage in Ring Annihilation Championship. King then opens up his leather jacket, showing the Carnage World Heavyweight Championship.
Cheers echoes through the arena as the Carnage in Ring crowd welcomes their Dual Champion. King makes his way to the ring, hugging and celebrating with the crowd on his way. He takes a walk around the ring while greeting the fans around the ring. He jumps up on the apron and turns towards the crowd. King takes the two championships and raises it high up in the air with the crowd cheering him on.
Jake: He is here Stan! Carnage in Ring's own dual champion! This is the first time in our history that someone is holding both the Carnage in Ring World Heavyweight Championship and Annihilation Championship!
Stan: It is a shame that he is the face of Carnage in Ring! Our history is built on some of the greatest wrestlers in this world! And this man...
Jake: King has fought harder than anyone I have ever seen in that ring. He is standing there, with the two top championships in the world. He has the crowd behind his every word and he has the future of Carnage in Ring in his hands.
King walks to the turnbuckle and climbs up the second rope, he looks around the arena as the crowd keeps chanting "King".
King: Good day ladies and gentlemen!
The crowd erupts in cheers once more making the smile on King's face grow bigger. King jumps down from the ropes and walks his way to the middle of the ring
The Carnage in Ring World Heavyweight Championship
The Carnage in Ring Annihilation Championship
I never thought that a day would come when I could be the proud holder of two championships that means so much for me
The Annihilation Championship is a title that I beat Jimmy James, thus ending the longest reign in Carnage in Ring history
The title had been through some rough times before Jimmy James reign
And even though he did hold to it for a long time, he never put any credibility to it
Doing anything to keep it
Forgetting about Honor, Respect and Tradition
After I won that title, I worked my damned best to make it respecatble
It has gone around a while after I dropped it, but it is once again back in my hands
After I beat the one that everyone thought I could not beat
Then we have the Carnage in Ring World Heavyweight Championship
A championship with more honor and prestige than any other championship in this world
It has been a lot of years since this championship was held by a man of honor
Someone who respects this championship and everything it stands for
We have had a lot of champions that cheated their way to this championship
Using any means necessary just to get their moment of glory
I beat such Jimmy James for this championship
And since, I have done my damned best to make this championship the best in the world
King once again lifts botch championships high up in the air to the cheers from the crowd
I will continue to do what I have done so far
I'll face anyone and everyone
I will keep defending these championships at any chance I get
We are in the greatest era Carnage in Ring has ever been in
We are in the era where all of you are in charge
And I will continue to lead the charge
As long as I got you with me, I will beat anyone
Including my opponent tonight, General Freedom!
He is a good man
A great wrestler
But not even the best wrestler could stop us now
We are on a roll and we won't stop until the entire world joins us
So let me make it clear one more time
That as long as I hold these championships
Annihilation Will Become Unavoidable!

King throws the microphone down, letting it hit the mat and bounce away. The camera zooms out, showing the entire crowd standing up and cheering, both for King and themselves.

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