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Post  Mister N on Sun Aug 12, 2018 10:24 pm

The camera zooms into the backstage area, where immediatly we see N facing the camera, with a hat on his head, standing in front of the Carnage In Ring logo plastered on the wall. The crowd starts to cheer, but Mister N immediatly starts to speak

Mister N: I'm gonna get straight to the point. I would've been out there, but...well, I needed to get my thoughts out right away, so once I saw Cadence, I asked to borrow her camera man, the guy who's filming me right now, and...here we are.

N pauses

Mister N: Anyways, I'm here to talk about his Ryan Magnus. Specifically, I'm here to talk about the fact that I have yet another match with him. Before, there was a slight chance that I might've forgotten about paying him back for the things he's done, just because I got so caught up with having the briefcase. But now he's made sure that I don't forget. I have no other choice.

N shakes his head

Mister N: I thought the little beating he got during RISK might've taught him something, that maybe, just maybe, he realized the mistakes he's made. Nope. He's still going in with the mindset that he's entitled to a rematch, and the even more bizzare thing is he thinks he's on my level as a wrestler

N chuckles and sighs

Mister N: I mean, what did I expect? You see people like Ryan all around the buisness, it's nothing new. Nothing unheard of.

N pauses, thinking what to say next

Mister N: Whatever. I'll give him the match tonight, not saying that I have any choice in the matter but...you get the idea. However...

N smirks

Mister N: I just want to say...whatever happens tonight, no matter how badly Ryan Magnus gets beaten, and no matter how much he feels like he deserves another match, and another match, and another, and another, on and on and on...

N nods his head, smirking

Mister N: He won't get one. Today's his last chance to prove to to CiR Universe that he can hang with the best of them. He loses, he's done, and if he somehow manages to pull out a win, I'll honor my promise and not go after him.

N raises his carnage briefcase, which holds the opportunity to challange for either the Bloodshed title, or Anhilation title

Mister N: Because either way, I've got bigger things to do. History to make, legends to chase. You, ryan, you can go on and celebrate about Adam putting you in the Annihilation battle royale, while I write and rewrite the record books of this sport over and over and over again.

N grins, and the camera abruptly cuts to black
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