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I Got Your Back

Post  Jimmy James on Sun Aug 12, 2018 10:34 pm

The cameras go backstage to Jimmy James, who is sitting on top of one of the production crates. Dressed in a pink shirt covered in flamingos, black shorts, and boating shoes, Jimmy sits back against the wall with a smug look on his face.
Jimmy James: "I don't have a lot to actually say this week, but I do have a few things on my mind."
He puts one finger up in the air.
Jimmy James: "First off, congrats Victor. You beat Steven Why, the living loser, in the ring last week. You can put that feather in your cap if you want, but I wouldn't be so proud about it. Steven Why is a great competitor, but he can't challenge for any championship unlike myself; so why would he try?"
The middle finger goes up next, making it two fingers up.
Jimmy James: "The second thing on my mind is this Annihilation Championship Battle Royal where King has the championship that he just won on the line against five other men. Those five men are Jeremy Rock, General Freedom, Prayme Rosario, Ryan Magnus, and Henri Black. All great men that I've either beaten or will beat, so they have that going for them. But I'm glad they all great a chance to rip a championship away from King first, because when I cash in I want King to be at his lowest of lows...
That is if I cash in on him.
Because Victor Machado needs to keep his eyes wide open too, as I might just wait until Cardinal Carnage or after to cash this in. I've got quite a bit of time left until Extreme Rewards VII, and I've cashed in this briefcase before and walked out champion."

Jimmy takes his fingers down and takes his other hand's pointer finger and points to the camera.
Jimmy James: "You two can stand beside your wife or your friends but things will come crumbling down sooner rather than later for all of you. Standing on your mountain all high and mighty won't get you anywhere when the best thing going today is right behind you ready to push you down.
I'm always watching out for you, so don't worry about your wife or friends having your back... because I've got your back.
Through thick and thin, I'll watch your back for you whether you want it or not."

Jimmy puts his blue wayfarer sunglasses over his eyes, grabs his briefcase, and hops off the crate. He walks out of the frame and the screen fades out.
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