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Post  Mister N on Sun Sep 23, 2018 10:07 pm

The camera fades into what looks like a hospital reception area. The camera surges forward and stops in front of the reception lady, who looks up confused. From the side of the camera frame, another man with a camera held in one hand appears, nodding at the lady.

Cameraman 1: Hi, my name is Todd Burman from the Carnage In Ring management department, we need to see Nathan Grace.

The reception lady stares at the pair for a few seconds before finally shaking her head and turning to her computer. She makes a couple keystrokes before looking up, pointing towards the left corridor.

Reception Lady: Down there, third door to the right.

Todd nods at her in thanks, and signals for the other man behind the camera to go on forward. The camera moves towards the door where N is stationed, and we start to hear voices.

???: ...and I keep telling them I’m fine, but of c-

Todd opens the door, and we see N lying on a hospital bed, next to him a blonde haired guy sitting on a chair. They are both looking at the cameramen, the blonde guy with a look of confusion and N staying expressionless. It stays like this for some time, before the blonde guy clears his throat.

Blonde Guy: Nate, you uh, you know these people?

N looks at his friend, then turns his attention back to the cameramen. Todd sighs, and signals for the second cameraman to come in and set up the camera. The camera starts moving, and while it’s being set up we hear Todd’s voice

Todd: We don’t have time for this, we’re only here because Adam Harvey wants your decision.

The camera gets set up so it is directly facing N and his friend, with both the cameramen out of the frame. The blonde guy stands up.

Blonde Guy: I should leave?

N: What? No, you’r-

Todd: Yes. You need to leave.

N looks over at his friend, then just shrugs, while the blonde guy exits the room. Once the door closes behind him, N speaks

N: Ok, so what do you want me to do. Just state my decision or…

Todd: State your decision, give an update, that sort of stuff. And if you didn’t notice, the camera’s on, so hurry up and speak.

N sighs, and turns to look straight at the camera

N: I guess we can start with the neck injury. It’s not serious, but I’m not gonna be able to return for a few weeks. They say week 4, week 3 if I’m lucky, but that doesn’t matter. I’ll still be able to make Cardinal Carnage.

N looks at Todd, and Todd nods.

Todd: Good enough. Now Adam wa-

N: He wants the decision. He’ll get that, but I’m just gonna cut a mini promo here, ‘cause I got alot more to discuss than a simple decision…

Todd frowns, whereas N just shakes his head

N: No, I see White’s game here. Trying to put me out indefinitely, trying to delay the prospects of a match with me. But he failed! He failed....

N nods his head now

N: I’m still here. Still have a guaranteed title match at Cardinal Carnage...and your so called “hit” did nothing to slow that down. I said this before, but you were scared for your champion, White. Scared that if I chose Vahn, I would end up taking the one thing that still made him relevant. That was no hit, that was you ensuring that Vahn remained Bloodshed champion.

N pauses, then smirks

N: Or you tried, anyways. I could’ve gone for the other route, Mister White. There was still a chance, however small, that I could’ve gone for the Annihilation title.

Todd raises his eyebrows

N: But let’s be honest. It was gonna be you from the beginning. It sure as hell is you now. I choose the Bloodshed title.

N smirks, but then frowns and looks at the Todd and the cameraman

N: You can leave now. I made my decision. Call James back in.

The cameraman walks towards the camera, gets behind it, and the camera gets shut off
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