Royal is Forever

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Royal is Forever

Post  King on Sun Sep 30, 2018 4:05 pm

The camera switches to the backstage area, zoomed in on King's face. The camera seems shaky, as if he is filming with a phone in his hand
King: Good day ladies and gentlemen!
Cheers are heard all over the arena as the Carnage in Ring fans are finally seeing the former World Heavyweight and Annihilation Champion for the first time since his defeat.
I will appear out there later tonight to have a real one on, well everyone with all of you
But I wanted to take this moment give you all answers on some questions
Let's start with the hard part
I did my best for all of you, I really tried to give you all everything I had and now I can proudly say that I did it
I was standing in that very ring on my first night after winning the championship
I told all of you that I would be your champion
I told you that I would defend that title and its honor
I made it a wake up call for everyone backstage, told them all that more wrestlers than ever would have an opportunity at the Carnage in Ring World Heavyweight Championship
I told all of you that I would not cower and I would not hide
Then, I officially started the new era of Carnage in Ring
And by god, did we accomplish all of that
The crowd erupts in cheers both for King and for themselves
We went through hell and back
And we checked every single one of our promises one by one!
I am not happy about the way it ended
But once again, I predict Jimmy James to go on another good for nothing title reign and do what he does best
Lower the value of a championship
I told all of you before we started our journey that once I lose the title, that is it
No rematch, no revenge
I am out of that scene, and now I will let the younger wrestler take over
This is their time and me for one is really looking forward to it
In the same way I will not be following the Annihilation Championship
I have done everything I can with that title and I did my best to raise it up to a level that it has not seen in many years
Right now, I feel that it is in proper hands
My work here is done
Confusion appears in the arena as mumbling and whispering is heard from the crowd
This is not the end for me
My road has one more destination
One more championship I need to bring back to its former glory
And the last piece of my Grand Slam
The Carnage in Ring Tag Team Championships!
The crowd starts to cheer but King quickly interrupts them
It is a championship that I for once can not get by myself
I need a partner
Someone that can carry their end of the bargain
So I have been looking around backstage for a partner that I not only respect
But someone that I can rely on when its needed
And I think I just found the one
He is the future of Carnage in Ring
And a man whose words we all can respect
Henri Black!
The crowd this odd team with two of their favorite wrestlers
We are coming for Pure Excellence tonight and we are coming for the Carnage in Ring Tag Team Championships!
We are creating a hurricane in this federation and we will twist the entire tag division around
And there will be one thing that will be clear for everyone
Annihilation Will Become Unavoidable

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