Svart? What the Hell is a Svart? (infamy)

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Svart? What the Hell is a Svart? (infamy)

Post  Bobby Gruesome on Mon Oct 01, 2018 11:58 am

The CarnageTron cuts to a shot of the backstage area, Ryan Magnus can be seen doing pull ups whilst Kalia leans against a wall reading a magazine. She mutters something inaudible to Ryan who promptly sits up and grabs the camera from the cameraman and shoos him away. Ryan then sets up the camera, sits down and addresses the CiR faithful.
Ryan Magnus: "The main thing happening right now in this federation right now is that Victor Machado, Alyssa Hendryl, Matt Riddle and something or someone called a Svart have voiced their irritation with our GM Adam Harvey. At Risk they acquired a World Title Shot and the Double Down championship right under his nose and then formed this nameless alliance against his so called tyranny. Then last season while I was preparing for the Annihilation Battle Royal, some guy whose name I still not sure isn't a typo beat the previously undefeated Ben Langston III for the purity championship. Just like that they have two titles, and a guaranteed shot at another one on the way. Its ironic considering they claim that Adam has been power hungry and keeping the championships on his favourites, yet in a matter of weeks he's allowed their group to gain a massive foothold in the CiR power structure."
Kalia moves into the camera's focus and kneels down next to Ryan.
Kalia Quinn: "You see people like Victor, Alyssa, Matt and Svart are more than happy to complain about how unfair a system is whilst they abuse it for their own ends. Ryan has proven himself consistently yet has constantly found himself in multi-man matches and caught in the middle of feuds between the likes of Henri Black and Prayme Rosario. Yet does he complain? No, he strives to attain of level of dominance never seen before in CiR, and he is really close. Last season should've been the crowning moment in his young career, but for one reason or another it didn't come off for him that night. Tonight is another night though. Tonight Ryan faces Alex Svart, and regardless win or lose Ryan is going to show this nameless alliance what it means to be a second generation superstar and a god in between those ropes."
Ryan and Kalia smile at each other as the camera cuts to Stan and Jake at the commentary booth.
Jake: "Strong words from Ryan and his associate Kalia Quinn. How do you think he'll fair against Alexander Svart tonight Stan?"
Stan: "I have high hopes for the partnership of Miss Quinn and Ryan, but I think tonight the advantage has to be with the Purity Champion."
Jake: "Well we'll soon find out Stan."
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