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Student Of The Game

Post  Lottie Kelly on Sun Oct 07, 2018 3:56 pm

The camera cuts backstage to the locker room area, where a ring-ready Lottie Kelly is sat on a chair, making a couple of last-minute preparations for her upcoming match. Her demeanour is sullen, almost frustrated as she finishes wrapping her left wrist and begins to do her right.

Lottie Kelly: If people want to talk to me, they know where they can do it to. They want to talk about me, but not to my face. They want to talk about me, but they do it behind my back. I hear the whispers, the snide asides… Lottie Kelly, she hasn’t got it anymore. Lottie Kelly, forced to turn her hand to tag team wrestling with someone who had no right to pick her up, to get her back from the proverbial doldrums into a place where she’s only a few weeks away now from perhaps having another set of Carnage In Ring gold added to her glowing resume. The walls speak; does Lottie Kelly deserve to be where she is? Is Lottie Kelly the wrestler she either once was, or thinks she still is? Lottie Kelly, she’s turning into a nobody. Lottie Kelly… she’s turning… soft.

She spits the last word out in annoyance.

Lottie Kelly: She’s left the glitz and the glamour behind, she refuses to speak for the cameras because she’s more interested in playing domestic goddess too much to focus on what should be most important to her. She’s got too comfortable in her home life that wrestling is not so much a job to her as it is a chore, a chore that she hates doing like when a wife asks a husband to take the trash out and he moans, or when the wife has a pile of dishes she has left on the side and has no will, no desire to do them whilst her husband is out earning a keep, whilst she’s at home with the kids wishing she could be out, not stuck to a cycle of mummy play-dates with little Amy, or ferrying Joe to football practice. People out there think that Lottie Kelly treats wrestling now like it’s a chore.

She looks thoughtful as she finishes wrapping her wrist.

Lottie Kelly: Is wrestling a chore to Lottie Kelly? No it isn’t!

She chucks the roll of tape down angrily to the floor.

Lottie Kelly: Lottie Kelly is a student of the game. Lottie Kelly is a student of whatever she is asked to do. Tag team wrestling and Lottie Kelly… normally, they don’t compute. Lottie Kelly is a student of the game like I said, so when she is asked to team with someone for a tag team championship match, she studies hard. She learns what she can from the best of the best about the intricities of tag team wrestling, she learns about her opponents, and also about her team mate. You don’t get singles success without studying your opposition; you don’t gain tag team success either without a bit of research not just about your opponents but your team mate too. I’m open to training with Tom whenever he wants to; after all, a team trains together. We’re both busy people, true, but now is time to be the team we need to be to win tag team gold. We can come up with some pretty nifty offence I’d wager.

She affords herself a small smile.

Lottie Kelly: Now is not the time to be thinking of that though, I need to dispose of Guitar Zero tonight to go into this tag team championship charge with some momentum on my side at least. If people think Lottie Kelly is going soft, then fair enough. Tonight, I’ll be more than happy to prove that Lottie Kelly is nowhere near as soft as people think she is!

On that, she asks the camera to leave and the scene fades to the next segment.
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