writer's block is a real thing

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writer's block is a real thing

Post  Mister N on Sun Oct 07, 2018 7:43 pm

Mister N: Two weeks. Just...just a measly two weeks. Obviously I’m talking about Cardinal Carnage, CiR’s next big event, with a card so stacked that some matches even had to be cut off, to make way for the bigger and better fights.

N pauses

Mister N: And I came this close to not making it. Reason being...well, Mister White wanted to take some precautions. Of course, he’ll tell everyone that the attack on me was just a “hit”, but it’s more than that. Take a look at it from their perspective. I had a choice, and while I acted like I was seriously considering the Annihilation title route, we all knew I was gonna choose Vahn. But White also knew something else, that something else being...well, simply put, he doesn’t know if Vahn can handle me again. And Vahn, sure, he’s had my number in the past. Whenever there’s a one on one matchup between us, he’s won.

N puts down his mic and shrugs

Mister N: Nothing I can do about the past, right? But you can tell, with every match, Vahn starts to realize more and more that the job’s getting harder, and more often than he just downright accepts the fact that I’m too much. He takes out the nightstick, relies on Mister White, hell, one match he just flat out disappeared mid match.

N shakes his head and smirks

Mister N: Mister White’s seen this, he knows this, he’s aware that one more match, and Vahn might not be able to get the job done. So what does he do? He takes me out before I make the damn decision, because then he’s safe. I never make the choice, never make it to Cardinal Carnage, and Vahn stays champ for another couple seasons. It all makes perfect sense in their situation.

N starts to say more, but then stops himself. He chooses his next words carefully, and resumes

Mister N: But it didn’t work out. I mean, I got stuck in the hospital for a couple weeks with a little neck injury, but that’s hardly what Mister White wanted. He didn’t want me making the decision, didn’t want me showing up to Cardinal Carnage.

N nods slowly

Mister N: Surprise. I got delayed one whole week in the season, and though I was supposed to be discharged today...well, you all saw what happened last week.

N pauses, then speaks again

Mister N: So I took a little risk. To the doctor looking after me, I’m sorry. Really am, but at the end of the day, it’s at times like these where those risks need to be taken. They thought they took me out, they thought they were safe. And they were both wrong.

N shakes his head

Mister N: So White, Vahn, listen, and listen closely. In two weeks, Vahn steps in the ring with me, putting not only his Bloodshed title on the line, but also his relevance in this entire sport. And the second that bell rings, I’m gonna show you why I call myself the sole future of this business, the reason why I’m the guy to take wrestling to the next level. I’ll beat Vahn down, pick him up, beat him down again, over and over and over, just to get that message in your head.

N starts walking towards the ropes

Mister N: I’ll send you back down to the midcard, getting put in 6 man title matches, while I replace you as a new and improved Bloodshed champion, one who actually has the talent to take the belt, the company, the sport, all of it to the next level.

N steps through the ropes and jumps down to the base of the ring

Mister N: And all that happens...in just two weeks. Just two weeks…

N pauses, then smirks, and throws the mic behind him in the ring, walking back to the stage as the crowd is cheering his name
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