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The camera fades into a view of the backstage area, specifically the locker rooms. It stays in that position for a big before moving forward closer to the locker room doors. We start to hear voices coming from inside the left door

???: Ok, so tell me again. What exactly happened out there?

The camera pushes into the door, and gives us a view of the inside of the lockers. We see Mister N slowly pacing around the room, with his uncle Vincent sitting in a chair opposite him.

N: I dunno...he hit me with a neckbreaker? Or maybe it was just a normal slam, I don’t remember. But my neck just started flaring, and next thing I know…

N stops pacing and just looks down at the floor

N: I’m down for the three count. Vahn takes his belt and I’m just on the ground clutching my neck.

Vincent grimaces, while N continues pacing the room

Vincent: What’d the doctors say?

N: Said it was normal and just an aftereffect of the actual injury...picked a great [censored] time to show up, didn’t it…

N moves his hand to his neck, then puts it down

N: Also said that there shouldn’t be any problems with the neck, and hopefully that’s true, but who knows at this point.

N shrugs, and moves to sit down on a bench, while Vincent drums his fingers. The silence stays for a little while before N sighs and breaks it

N: White...he planned it perfectly. Attack me, blame it on a hit, and just watch the damage happen. They didn’t really care if they took me out for two weeks or two months. They knew I wouldn’t be ready for the match.

N stands up in frustration, and from that moment the chair tumbles backwards. He looks back at the chair, and just shakes his head. Vincent purses his lips

Vincent: N…

N turns towards Vincent, while Vincent tries to choose his next words

Vincent: I’ve been thinking about this for a good while. do I even say this?

N frowns, while Vincent looks up

Vincent: Ugh, what I'm trying to say...I don’t think he was lying about the hit.

N just stares at Vincent, but then breaks away from his gaze. He looks at the ground before returning back to Vincent

N: You’re joking, right?

Vincent: I’m not.

N looks at Vincent with a look of pure confusion

N: How?

Vincent starts to speak but N quickly cuts him off

N: No, I’m [censored] serious. How can you think that? It’s all censored obvious…

N shakes his head while Vincent stands up

Vincent: Look, just hear me out. It’s mo-

N: Nope. You hear me out now. I don’t know what’s gone into your head, what makes you even entertain the notion that it could be a hit, because it wasn’t. They attacked me because they knew I’d pick them, and White knew Vahn would be put in a bad position because of that. Once they attacked me, they blamed it on a hit just to protect the guy’s reputation. That’s it. Nothing more to it.

Vincent raises his eyebrows, while N speaks again

N: That’s...that’s literally all. At least that’s the way most of the world sees it.

N picks up the fallen chair and sits down. Vincent smirks

Vincent: So can I continue?

N looks up at Vincent, and gestures at him to go on, with a clear disapproval

Vincent: I’ll take that as a yes.

Vincent reaches into his pocket and pulls out a his phone. N notices this and frowns

N: What is it?

Vincent: Just…

Vincent swipes a couple of times on his device, then moves towards N and gives him the phone

Vincent: ...this

N takes a second to look over what’s on the phone, then looks up at Vincent.

N: Tell the cameraman to get the [censored] out of here

Vincent frowns, turns around and looks straight at the camera, which quickly fades out into black before Vincent can speak
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