Aftermath [Infamy -after match]

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Aftermath [Infamy -after match]

Post  Jason Storm on Tue Nov 06, 2018 7:27 pm

As “The Crazy One” by Stellar Revival continues to blare through the sound system, Jason Storm stands in the middle of the ring celebrating his victory as Matt Riddle slowly makes his way out of the ring and up the ramp. Jason looks around the ring towards the announcer’s desk and motions one of the attendants to come over with a microphone. He takes the mic and moves back to the middle of the ring.

Jason Storm: “Not once…not twice…but three times I have now beaten Matt Riddle in the middle of this ring. Three times I have beaten the former CiR champion…however…I wasn’t able to beat Anna at Cardinal Carnage a few weeks ago...”

A small roar of boo’s breaks on in the arena

Jason Storm: “...I know, I know, I am disappointed in myself too. See, this double down championship is one of the most unique championships I have been a part of in all my wrestling career. See, I had the pleasure of being in the second ‘round’ of the matches where I would face the winner between Matt Riddle, the champion at the time, and Anna, the challenger.”

He begins pacing around the ring

Jason Storm: “While you would think the odds are in my favor, it wasn’t as easy as you think. See, both Matt and Anna knew who they were facing to begin with, so they could strategize. I, on the other hand, didn’t know who I was going to face, I just knew that I would face the winner of those two. Now I am not trying to make excuses and what not…”

Jason puts his head down for a second, looking defeated. After a few more seconds he picks it back up.

Jason Storm: “…it is what it is.”

He moves over to the ropes and leans over them

Jason Storm: “After losing my first opportunity at a title here in CiR you might be asking ‘What’s next for Jason Storm, what can he do now?’. Well let me tell you what’s next for me. Prayme Rosario…”

As he mentions the name of the newly crowned Purity champion, a mixed reaction of applause and boos erupt.

Jason Storm: “While these past few weeks have seen their ups and downs, one thing has remained clear…that one thing is that I can still perform with the best of the best. And since I can still perform at that level, I am going to continue pushing myself to be the very best and beat the very best here in CiR. If that means calling out the newly crowned Purity champion, then so be it…”

The cheers break out even louder

Jason Storm: “So Prayme, as you get ready for your match later tonight, I want you to think about one thing. I want you to think about me, coming for that Purity championship you got strapped around your waist. I may have failed at getting the double down championship, but I won’t let another opportunity like this slip through my fingers Prayme…”

Looking directly into the camera

Jason Storm: “…take note!”

With that, Jason drops the mic, as his music begins to play through the speakers once again. He exits the ring and makes his way up the ramp as the scene fades to black.
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