Heaven Sent, Hell Bound

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Heaven Sent, Hell Bound

Post  Lottie Kelly on Sun Nov 11, 2018 9:31 am

The camera opens up outside the arena, where it finds Lottie Kelly, dressed in jeans and a plain black T-shirt with the words ‘Perfect Nightmare’ on the back in thin white writing, a bottle of water in her hands as she leans against some railing.

Lottie Kelly: Three syllables have followed me for the past few days now… DeThroned. DeThroned. DeThroned. DeThroned. DeThroned. DeThroned! DeThroned! DETHRONED!

She begins pacing back and forth along the pavement.

Lottie Kelly: DeThroned… those three syllables, can make someone mad, send someone insane when you're left lying on the floor… something like that can make someone transition straight from being a Perfect Nightmare to being someone who can make your life a living hell for as long as they care to make it. Are you suuuure you want to have someone like that after you until they rid you from this building, this company, this city, this country, this continent, THIS ENTIRE SIDE OF THE HEAVEN OR HELL SPLIT?!

She brushes hair away from her face after she stops abruptly, her hair flying in different directions giving a slightly wild look to her.

Lottie Kelly: You know what? I’m past the point of caring at the moment on who’s a friend and who’s a foe. All I know is this; I tried to even the numbers up a little bit last week because I didn’t want a good match to end with a farce, but where does that get me? It gets me involved. It gets me involved in the effort to get rid of the supposed threat before it gets too much of a hold on this company. It gets little old Lottie Kelly involved in something you horrid lot don’t want her to be involved in for long, I can assure you that. Your trust is built on something I still know from Risk or Reward; don’t let me slip my tongue. I could easily do it now, but I want to say I hold a shred of respect for what happened on that night still, if there’s respect to be found.

She shrugs her shoulders.

Lottie Kelly: I care not if Jimmy James wants friends, or if Tom Midas thinks he’s now got one over Jimmy for pinning him clean; their result, as significant as Tom wants it to be or as much as Jimmy wants to forget it, is insignificant to me. I haven’t forgotten the last time, the only time, me and Jimmy met; he tried to belittle me, to make me feel like I was nothing more than dirt on his ring boots. But here we stand, tonight, team-‘mates’. If it wasn’t for wanting to right a wrong or make the group of cowards pay for all they put me through the night they formed, I wouldn’t give two *censored*s about their predicament. Me and Tom, it was a one-shot deal if we lost and a multiple shot deal if we won. Now we’re both in the crosshairs of the alliance, I guess we fight side by side again until we rid this place of the group that thinks they’re the ones being disrespected, being forgotten by Adam Harvey? You’re all forgotten because right until Risk or Reward, your lives were nothing but forgettable! You gave no-one a reason to remember you, and now you’re all angry, all… all pent-up for reasons YOU gave yourself, not anyone else around you?

Her face screws up into a scowl, adjusting the grip on her bottle of water.

Lottie Kelly: You all disgust me.

She takes a swig of her water then spits angrily at the ground next to her.

Lottie Kelly: Same page or not, I’ll be out there tonight. So you think you’re ready to play?

She punctuates with a cackle before she pushes the camera operator aside and the camera catches her walking back into the building before the scene fades.
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