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Mister N: So I didn’t show up to Bloodshed last week. Get over it.

N shrugs

N: No match, right? I didn’t have any obligation to make an appearance, and as a result I channeled my focus towards something else. Something more important, something far more pressing, the only thing that’s been on my mind since 2 weeks ago. And I’ll just come out and say it, because most of you’ve already guessed. It’s the hit. The same hit I thought was fake, the very same one that most of you thought was fake...it might be real.

At this sentence, the crowd erupts into a whole host of mixed reactions. N sighs almost like he’s expecting this, and lets this outburst of the crowd go on for a few moments before trying to signal to the crowd to calm down. This sort of works, but there are still reactions coming from them. After a couple more moments, N just sighs in exasperation

N: I said might. It’s not 100 percent, but it’s looking pretty [censored] likely…

N twirls the mic as the last of the crowd reactions die down

N: And you’re probably wondering why. So I’ll explain. Just keep in mind that this isn’t solid evidence, it’s not something that instantly made me realize that this attack was real, it’s just...text messages. Exchanges between Vincent and Mister White, which led into exchanges between the person behind the presumed attack and Mister White, and that’s pretty much it.

N pauses

N: I...well, I can’t exactly show it to you, I don’t think...it’s on a phone…

N reaches into his pocket and pulls out an iPhone with a black and white case, and holds it up

N: ...Vincent’s phone. Let me just unlock this…

N turns the device on, and tries to unlock it. He fails to get the combination right the first time, and frowns. He enters the code in a second time, and this time it grants him access. While he’s searching for the alleged messages in one hand, he holds the mic up in the other and begins to speak

N: You might remember Vincent showing me this two weeks ago? It was a segment on Bloodshed, we were just arguing about whether the hit was real or not, but then he showed me what I’m about to show to all of you, I told the cameraman to get out, and the segment ended. This…

N holds up the phone again, but then frowns and signals for the cameraman to get closer to him. Cameraman in the corner of the ring obliges, and centers the camera on the contents of the phone. We can now see on the titantron the device, and on the screen of the device is a text message chain.

N: This is what he showed me. Just like I said, Vincent and White talking. You all can probably see for yourselves, but I’ll just paraphrase. Vincent starts it off by asking White why he’s trying to cover up his attack. White responds with four words: “It wasn’t a coverup”. So Vincent again goes on this little rant about how it’s obvious the hit is fake, and about how it was just a way for Vahn to gain an edge in his match

N scrolls down on the phone

N: White again tells him that “It wasn’t fake”. Then he proceeds to send him a picture of the money gained…

N clicks the picture to make it full screen

N: Just stacks on top of stacks inside of a briefcase. But that’s not really proof, and Vincent thought the same.

N taps out of the full screen picture and we return to the message chain, with N scrolling down

N: So he tells White that. White sends him two pictures in response. And this is where things start to get especially interesting, because if we click on these…

N proceeds to do exactly that, and those pictures turn out to be screenshots of another text message exchange. N smirks

N: Just take that in. The green bubbles being White and the other ones being this “person” behind the attack. A string of messages dating back to September 3rd of this year.

N pauses

N: Now if my memory serves me right, that’s the day after the Bloodshed I got attacked on. So these text messages aren’t really the person contacting them about setting up the hit, this...well, you can see, can’t you. White contacts this person, tells him that “We did it yesterday. Where are you going to pay us”. Person replies by telling White to meet him at the “same place”. White seemingly threatens him by saying he better have the full amount, and this person replies by telling him not to worry

N taps out of the first picture and clicks onto the second one

N: I’ll let you read it, it’s just the person congratulating Mister White on Vahn’s victory over me at Cardinal Carnage, and Vincent replying with a smiley face for some reason...but that’s it.

N signals for the cameraman to get back to his original spot

N: That last message chain took place October 21st...date of the Cardinal Carnage PPV if anyone was wondering.

N shuts off the phone and puts it in his pocket. After that, he takes a few moments to think of what he’s gonna say next

N: Now…I know what you’re all probably going to say. That the text messages are probably fake...and that’s exactly what I thought. When I was first shown this, I was a little curious, but at the end I dismissed it as being entirely made up and another one of the Institute's attempts to cover everything up. But the more I thought about it...the more sense it made for all this to be real.

N pauses for a second, then speaks

N: Think about it. The unbelievably large sum of money that was shown as the “bounty”, continuous text message chains dating all the way back to September, and every attempt imaginable to convince people this was planned by someone else...all just to shift the blame? If they wanted to take credit for the attack, they could’ve. It wouldn’t hurt them. It’s wrestling for god’s sake, backstage attacks happen all the [censored] time.

N thinks of how to phrase his next words

N: The fact that they would go through all this trouble just to make sure that the attack wasn’t traced back to them...it just doesn’t seem like the kind of thing White would do.

N thinks of how to phrase his next words

N: Again, I’m not saying that it happened. There’s still every chance that the hit was fake, but if this does turn out to be real…

N smirks

N: If there really is someone backstage who went to this length to get at me...and think about the fact that this individual didn’t attack me himself, he payed other people to do it for him...causing me not only the Bloodshed title but also my chance at redemption...yeah, maybe you’ll understand why I’m just a tad bit pissed.

N grimaces

N: But we’ll see what happens, assuming this is in fact 100 percent real. For now I just have to focus on tonight. Tag team match. Me and Ben Langston against Vahn and Jeremy Rock. In this case it really is a two on one match, because I don’t really see how you can count Jeremy Rock as a viable partner…

N looks to continue but the crowd starts to cheer for him. N signals for them to calm down

N: Like I was saying, Vahn’s on his own. And I don’t have a broken neck anymore.

N pauses

N: I’ll leave you to guess what that means, but for now…

N throws the mic down and proceeds to exit the ring, with the crowd chanting his name
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