This Is Not A Test (Infamy)

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This Is Not A Test (Infamy)

Post  Norg on Wed Jan 09, 2019 2:43 pm

The screen goes fuzzy and blurry until the camera is outside in the parking lot where a car can be seen pulling up with the words written on it This Is Not A Test. Then two people get out, one who built like a brick house the other quite normal.

?: So the famed CIR arena, we've heard a lot of stories about this place.

The person that looks like a brick house nods.

?: Now is our Takeover. Our takeover of the tag team division. As we are The British Takeover.

The two men now stand side by side

?: This here is The Hammersmith Hitter, he is the powerhouse.

Hammersmith Hitter flexes

?: I am The United Force, Norg.

Norg: I am a technical wizard. We are the two most dangerous people now in the tag team division. As in history some of the best tag teams of all time are a powerhouse and technical combination. We will takeover!

Norg and Hammersmith Hitter walk-off inside the building.

OOC: It will take me a while to get used to the rp format, so bare with me.

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