Dead Weight (Bloodshed)

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Dead Weight (Bloodshed)

Post  Lottie Kelly on Sun Jan 13, 2019 9:56 am

The scene opens inside a coffee shop. The camera’s focus is on three people, two males and a female; the first male is huge, the sort who you’d find as a bouncer at a nightclub, dressed in jeans and a San Francisco 49'ers jersey, with a trench-coat on the back of his chair. The second male is scrawny, with thick-rimmed glasses over his eyes, dressed in a black button-up shirt and black slacks. The female with them, Lottie Kelly, is resting her hands on a cup of takeaway coffee dressed in jeans and a t-shirt with a fleece jacket on the back of her chair.

Man #1: So what did you call us together for? Ruin my holidays flying over here just to sort you out again? I would have thought you’d be past that point of your career, Charlie…

Lottie pouts.

Lottie Kelly: So you’re not glad to see me again?

Man #2: He’s only sore because he had prime seats for the last home game of the season and had to sell them for less than he bought them for.

Lottie laughs.

Lottie Kelly: They weren’t exactly top class all season, I’m sure you’re not going to be missing much.

Man #1: You don’t know how much effort it took to get them in the first place…

He sighs as Lottie begins to think.

Lottie Kelly: Just give me a call when tickets are available for a game next season and I’ll send some money over.

Man #2: So what did you want us for?

Lottie Kelly: I need…

She looks thoughtful as she trails off.

Lottie Kelly: I need to go back to basics.

The first male chuckles heartily.

Man #1: Well, well! All you needed to do was ask!

Lottie Kelly: I need to go back to the real me. I’ve been distracted too much by matters out of my control, I’ve let… I’ve let myself go soft? No, forget I said that. Soft means I’m a nobody in the business, but I guess soft for me is not being the true me.

Man #2: So going back to basics would be… what? Getting you back to your Miss Demeanour mindset? Or are we going too far forward, too far back?

Lottie shakes her head.

Lottie Kelly: Too far forward. It feels like I need to get back to doing the simple things right, forgetting for now the fancy tricks, the fancy flicks almost. I need to go back to being me.

Man #1: To do that you need to do something first.

Lottie Kelly: Anything.

Man #1: Ditch the dead weight.

Lottie looks blankly to him.

Lottie Kelly: The dead weight?

Man #2: We’ll leave you to figure that out. Until you figure it out, we won’t help you.

Lottie pouts again as she gets to her feet.

Lottie Kelly: Fine.

On that the scene begins to fade with Lottie picking up her coffee and walking away.
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