Our Era Jimmy!

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Our Era Jimmy!

Post  King on Sun Jan 13, 2019 2:29 pm

The camera switches to the backstage area, zoomed in on King's face. The camera seems shaky, as if he is filming with a phone in his hand
King: Good day ladies and gentlemen!
Cheers are heard all over the arena as the Carnage in Ring fans are finally seeing their hero again.
As you all know, I have searched around for a tag partner
Someone who I can finally reach my Grandslam with by winning the Carnage in Ring World Tag Team Championship!
And I might have found it in a place I expected it the least
I kept losing, over and over again
No matter who I teamed with
Either, they didn't carry their load
Or They weren't there when I needed them
When Adam first announced that Jimmy James was going to be my partner against Pure Excellence
I expected a really bad time
In my mind, Jimmy James was still the arrogant man
Who is too much in his head to actually give it everything he got
Now, all that is left is to go for the Championship together
Something I don't think I can convince him
There is too much between us
Simply forgetting the past and teaming up is not really an option
King is silent as his head looks around the room
But I am turning the pages
This is the next chapter in my life
This chapter will end with me reaching the tag titles
And there is only one way I can make that happen
By teaming up with you, Jimmy James!
I will prove to you that this is the best for the two of us
I will always be there Jimmy, by your side
If you decide to enter the Carnage Rumble
You can be damned sure that I will be there too
Cheers are heard around the arena
It will take everything from the two of us to make this happen
And I am ready to put everything I have and everything I am on the table
Because I feel that this is the right thing to do
This has been our era Jimmy
We have done more these past couple of years than the rest of the roster combined
We were here day in and day out
Trying our damned best to keep everything going
We had match after match that exceeded everyone's expectation
Be it for the Annihilation Championship
The OMEGA World Heavyweight Championship
The Carnage in Ring World Heavyweight Championship!
The crowd starts to cheer again but King quickly interrupts them
We have done it all Jimmy
Except this
There is only one more thing in our way
We will have to make everyone understand why this era of Carnage in Ring has been our era!

The camera fades away

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